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Celestial voices

Heavenly concerts for vocal music lovers.


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Les amis de l’orgue de l’Estrie


Saint-Michel Cathedral Basilica

Piacere Choir under the direction of Chantal Boulanger, Nicolas-Alexandre Marcotte, organ

$20 | Tickets on sale at the venue


Les concerts de la chapelle


Le Camillois, 157 Miquelon Street, Saint-Camille

Ensemble Caprice & the ensemble Vocal Art-Québec with the soloists Myriam Leblanc, soprano, Florence Bourget, alto, Antonio Figueroa, tenor, and Marc Boucher, bass


Le Vitrail – Espace culturel

Pax Luminosa

Le Vitrail – Espace culturel

Claudine Ledoux (mezzo-soprano) & Julien Girard (tenor & organ)

Two experienced musicians celebrate their shared passion for the refinement of mystical music, both secular and sacred. They perform Bach, Handel, Fauré and Verdi, in an approach accessible to all audiences. Their two voices, accompanied by the organ, touch on some of the most luminous musical pages from the Renaissance to the present day.

General Admission: $29
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