La Route des Concerts was created to allow music lovers, sophisticated or otherwise, or even outing enthusiasts, to discover the array of classical concert music on offer, mainly in rural areas and in often little-known venues.

The very personality of these venues – some of which are heritage sites – as well as the itineraries to access them, punctuated by unique stops make for the most enchanting detours.

This is why more and more smaller presenters that punctuate the different regions of Quebec are registering their programs on La Route des Concerts. Depending on your tastes, the time you have at hand, and your desires for escapades, it’s up to you to establish your own circuits, multiply your musical adventures and obtain the associated discounts.

Emerging or internationally accomplished musicians; baroque, romantic or modern music; solo artists, duos, trios, quartets or chamber music ensembles; these are all different parameters that will pique your interest for your greater delight.

Throughout the year, plan your musical outings in the concert hall, where it really happens, and hit the road… La Route des Concerts!


Jean-Pierre Harel

Les concerts de la chapelle de Saint-Camille

Christiane Bonneau

Les concerts de la chapelle de Saint-Camille

Monique Picard

Sur la scène Davignon On Stage

Johanna Silberman

Espace culturel Cookshire-Eaton

Chantal Boulanger


Chemin des Cantons
La Scena Musicale

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