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Strings in Harmony

A selection of concerts where strings are given center stage! Explore their many faces!




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La Belle Chapelle

Joel Quarrington, double bass & Tristan Longval-Gagné, piano

La Belle Chapelle, 500 Murray Street, Sherbrooke

Featuring Carole Sirois, cello

General admission 35$ | Student 18$
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Quatuor Molinari – Tour d’Europe

Centre d’art de Richmond, 1010 Principale N, Richmond

The Molinari Quartet offers a concert of works offering a rich palette of colors. The music goes from Polish folklore with Penderecki to the oriental colors of Ali-Zadeh and from the Russian torment of Shostakovich to the French refinement of Debussy. The Molinari offers you a musical journey of the most colorful and exciting.

Acclaimed by the public and by international music critics since its founding in 1997, the Molinari Quartet is dedicated to the rich repertoire for 20th and 21st century string quartets, commissions new works for composers and initiates meetings between musicians, artists and the public. The Molinari Quartet has established itself as one of the best quartets in Canada.

General admission 34$

Stéphane Tétreault, cello

Église Emmanuel, 203 Principale Street, Cowansville

After many years of waiting, Quebec’s outstanding cellist Stéphane Tétreault will undertake the Suites for Solo Cello by Johann Sebastian Bach!

Discover the magic of the Suites in the hands of this young virtuoso, a unique concert that is sure to uplift our spirits during this difficult transition. An inspirational offering in this moment of time; what more could we wish for?

General admission 25$

Innovative Spirit

Discover these young artists with an impressive career! Winners of prestigious competitions, they are touring Canada and making their mark on the international scene. But above all, their expressive interpretations are sure to make your concert experience a whole new one!


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