Espace Culturel Cookshire-Eaton

L’Espace culturel Cookshire-Eaton is a renowned institution, well established in the cultural landscape of Haut-Saint-François.

The Genest-Denis family has been organizing classical music concert series in the municipality of Cookshire-Eaton since 2003. In 2015, the family acquired the rectory of St. Peter’s Anglican Church in order to create the Cookshire-Eaton Art Gallery.

A few years later, the family acquired Victoria Hall, a building of great heritage value, and, after an extensive restoration, moved the Art Gallery there. This space is now used as a creative, presentation and recording space, in addition to housing an artist’s studio on the upper floor.

In the spring of 2022, the organization became an NPO and took the name Espace culturel Cookshire-Eaton, to better reflect the variety of art forms it presents.

Exhibitions held at the Cookshire-Eaton Art Gallery feature local and national professional artists from various disciplines (painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography). Over the years, its exhibition halls have hosted a multitude of renowned artists, including Louis-Pierre Bougie, Kittie Bruneau, Morton Rosengarten and André Philibert.

Classical music concerts are regularly hosted in various town venues, both indoors (Trinity United Church in Cookshire, Saint-Camille Church, Victoria Hall) and outdoors (sundown concerts in Parc des Braves).

The Genest-Denis family is aware of the important role that music can play in a community and therefore regularly partners with causes and organizations to organize benefit concerts. These include the Centre des femmes la Passerelle, the Centre de Santé de Cookshire, the Maison de la culture John-Henry-Pope and the Fondation des CLSC-CHSLD du Haut-St-François.

The program, which began with a single annual concert in the early 2000s, has grown to include 6 to 8 concerts each year, and a host of high-profile musicians, including sopranos Marianne Lambert and Myriam Leblanc, harpist Valérie Milot, and the DeVito Quintet.

Committed to its role in its community’s future, Espace culturel Cookshire-Eaton actively participates in raising awareness about and preserving the town’s built heritage. The organization also strives to ensure accessibility to its cultural activities through affordable or even free ticketing, mediation activities, and outreach to members of the more vulnerable population. In 2021, four full-length concerts were filmed in the Gallery’s main hall and sent to the East Angus and Weedon long-term care facilities (CHSLD) to create a bank of virtual concerts to residents.



Espace Culturel Cookshire-Eaton

L’Univers musical de Louis-Pierre Bougie

Saint-Camille Church

Quatuor Molinari and flutist Myriam Genest-Denis with the participation of René Lussier


Espace Culturel Cookshire-Eaton

Concert de Noël

St-Camille Church Cookshire-Eaton

Catherine St-Arnaud, soprano

Pierre Heault, tenor

Marilène Provencher-Leduc, transverse flute

Julien LeBlanc, piano

Voluntary contribution